Music Festival ​2018 MTA Music Festival @Sky Desert

May 18, 2018 - May 20, the last wave of people watching the performance dispersed, and "Desert Star Paradise" restored its former calm. Three days, three stages full of scientific and technological sense, more than a dozen alien installation arts, more than 50 groups of popular and cutting-edge performers, 500 + big men attended the science and technology forum, forming the MTA Tianmu Music Festival in 2018. 
Compared with the previous two years, the duration of this year's Tianmo Music Festival has expanded to three days, but you don't have to worry that the extra 24 hours will be "nowhere to put". To be more precise, as long as you land in the desert, MTA Tianmu Music Festival will fill your schedule with music, technology and art in minutes.
This year's concept theme is "reality rejuvenation": reality rejuvenation. In the world view of MTA Tianmo Music Festival, this desert is another planet. When you come here, we will create an environment to help you get away from reality and experience a "reality rejuvenation". In such a vision, the characteristics of different music festivals emerge slowly as the wind blows sand. In fact, this is what MTA Tianmo Music Festival has been pursuing - to make different music festivals.

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